Recruitment & Placement

Recruitment and Placement is a very tiring and time consuming process. Employers will need to advertise their job vacancies either through News Papers, online recruitment, schools, social networking sites, or some other form of media or sources. These advertisements are expensive and employers may have to repeat the same advertisement for 2 or more times, or advertise in more than 1 medium before the correct applicants appear. Today, many employers are outsourcing this recruitment work to an external party, which is also more cost effective.

HR Outplacement


  • Arrange for Advertisement /

    Step 1
  • Read the applicant's resume and shortlist. Arrange for interview

    Step 2
  • Interview / Testing/& Selection Offer of employment

    Step 3
  • Placement with

    Step 4

Depending on her clients’ requirement, Reveres and her team of international business partners are able to source for the correct quality candidates for her clients, both locally and internationally.
Reveres has been recruiting local & foreign workers from the rank and file to top executives across various industries in Singapore for the last 29 years. Today, we have clients in most sectors of the industries in Singapore and certain industries from overseas’ clients.